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Market Leader| Pioneering Production Processes|1st E-Commerce Home Interior Store| Own Varieties & 10,000+ Design & Fabric Collection| 24 Quality Awards| Best Team of Visionary Businessmen

Rana Tauseef founded this company and served as the chairman from 1960 to 1985 until his demise. After the agreement of partition between India and Pakistan in 1947 he chose to migrate with THE FATHER OF THE NATION, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (FOUNDER OF PAKISTAN). Mr. Tauseef then struggled for 13 long years to find his expertise in various different industries until he found his love for manufacturing and selling cloth of numerous kinds and especially Velvet. He then travelled to the UK to buy latest machinery of the time , brought those machineries to his hometown Faisalabad, PAKISTAN. He was known for producing incredibly top class quality products and founded Rana Velvet in 1960 with majority market shares for a very long time.
Group Founder
Late Rana Tauseef

Late Rana Tauseef

Rana Atif Tauseef was the youngest son of the founder of the company Rana Tauseef. His passion towards this company and thirst of thriving made him the CEO from 1992 to 2016 until his demise. In his time as a CEO MR. Tauseef, opened new Rana Velvet stores nationwide and the production line prospered with unreal numbers.
Late Rana Atif Tauseef

Late Rana Atif Tauseef

Rana Zahid Tauseef is the eldest son of Late Rana Tauseef (FOUNDER OF THE COMPANY). His incredible skills and enthusiasm made him the group Chairman after his father’s demise and to this date he is the sitting Chairman of the Rana Group, including Rantex Private Limited, Rana Textile Mills Limited, Rana Fabrics Limited, Rana Hosiery & Textile Mills Private Limited and Rana Velvet & Furnishers. His efforts for the betterment of the society and responsible entrepreneur in the society made him they mayor of his hometown Faisalabad and has also served as the member of the National Assembly.
Group Chariman
Rana Zahid Tauseef

Rana Zahid Tauseef

Rana Daniyal Abid is now the sitting CEO of the company and also eldest son of Late Rana Atif Tauseef (EX CEO). At the age of 22 his services for the company and vision for the brighter future of the company got quite popular within the company due to which Mr.Abid was voted as the new CEO from the year 2016. Under his command Rana Velvet diversified as to not only be a fabric seller brand but also entered the new market of Furniture making and achieved some incredible milestones in the new industry. He introduced Pakistan’s 1st e-commerce home interior store providing complete home solutions nationwide.
Chief Executive Officer
Rana Daniyal Abid

Rana Daniyal Abid

The youngest in lot. Keen in technology based progression and enhanced customer services.
Rana Airaj

Rana Airaj

corporate statement of rana velvet
About us

Our Philosophy

Rana Velvet & Furnishing is the oldest premium brand in home textiles since 1960, with own latest production setups, retail outlets & Pakistan’s 1st E-Commerce home interior store.

To make every home better place to live.

We are committed to the ultimate satisfaction of our customers by providing brilliant client service, innovative designs and sustainable quality products.

High customization led to exact market demand based production, which reduces fabric wastage through stuck redundant stocks. Our Vision to decrease fabric consumption through sustainable, long-term & energy saving solutions.

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